Baby Parker, Torn Between Parents

November 14, 2017 0 By Lead Mama

Baby Parker Needs Your Help To Be Reunited With Her Breast!

On Monday, Frederick County, Marylands CPS, took my 4 month old daughter away from me, and gave her to her father. I havent seen her since.

On Halloween, her fathers son was sick with a stomach bug.

He insisted on having Parker for his daily visitation. That night and the next day (11/1), she started vomiting and had diarrhea.

I made her a drs appointment the same day. When we arrived they weighed her and she had fallen off of her growth curve for weight. We were told to start supplementing 1oz of breastmilk or formula after each feeding, and that she would see us on Monday, for our daughters 4 month well baby appointment.

Parker’s father and I are no longer together and have had an agreement through court to allow him visitation and specified that neither of us would feed her formula.

I have always been considered a “just enougher”, while breastfeeding my other children and have a hard time reaponding to pumps.

I have met with multiple IBCLC’s to help, but all have assured that I AM PROVIDING enough milk for Parker.

Due to not having a stash of breastmilk, needing the calories now, the court agreement, and her past reactions to formula, I asked a close friend if she would be willing to donate milk for supplementing until I would be able to build my own.

Monday 11/6, was her 4 month well baby appointment. She had GAINED 7 oz since Wednesday 11/1, and was back on her growth curve!

The Nurse Practitioner came in and asked how she was getting the extra calories. I explained that I obtained donor milk from a friend.

She went on to say that it’s not recommended, but she was happy with her weight gain, and to schedule a 6 month well baby.

Then very nonchalantly, said that she was calling CPS. She gave no explanation to why.

I immediately called a pediatrician for a second opinion and went to my lawyers office to give them copies of her medical forms (showing she had gained), and to explain the situation.

When I arrived to their office, I sent Parkers father a text message to coordinate a meeting place where he would be returning Parker from his visitation.

He responded by saying he was at the hospital with Parker and CPS, and instructed me to call a number he provided.

I called the number, and was told by the cps worker, that she is immediately granting custody to Parkers father.

I asked how and why? And was told ” her limbs are shrinking” (not even possible), and that I am not producing enough to properly nourish my daughter.

My lawyer started to question and asked what would justify taking a breastfed infant away from her mother, and she said ” shes had multiple women breast feed her baby” and she hung up!

A friend of mine, and my teenage son, and I immediately went to the hospital. Upon arrival, I was met outside of the Pediatric emergency room by the cps worker.

I repeatedly asked if I could go in to Parkers room because I could hear her crying. She eventually allowed me to do so, and I was able to hold her and nurse her after her father and the CPS worker granted me permission.

I continued to ask why she was there, why CPS was involved, if the hospital had run any tests, and what she was basing her decision on that would justify abruptly taking a 4 month old, cosleeping, exclusively breastfed, infant who has, with the exception of 4 Hour daily visitation with her father never been away from her mother.

She had no explanation other than saying I am not providing enough calories with my breast milk. I explained that she had gained weight with supplementing and she told me that her father had been giving her formula during his 2, 2 hour blocks of visitation a day, and that is the only reason Parker had gained.

The Pediatric ER doctor came into the room and asked if I had any questions. I asked her if any tests were done, she said no. I asked if she was being admitted, she said no.

They did absolutely no tests,no exam and no treatment was given! I explained that Parker had gained weight from the previous week and that her doctor was pleased with her weight gain. She then began to tell me that she does not agree with giving Parker donor milk.

When the doctor was finished, and had walked out of the room, the CPS worker repeatedly asked me when I would be done nursing her. When I told her I wasn’t sure when she would finish, she told me to hand her over to her father.

She had also told me that she had a safety plan in place that would grant Parker’s father full custody effective immediately for at least the next 30 days.

She was adamant that I sign it, I told her that I would not sign anything without looking at it myself and I would like to consult my lawyer, who is on his way to meet us at the hospital.

She became even more angry, would not answer my questions, continuously raised her voice, was furious that my friend was there as a witness, she instructed the hospital staff not to allow my lawyer in.

Parkers father said that I’m not allowed to breastfeed her and that cps and his lawyer have said the same, but said i could pump. This is insane and breaking me

Him and his legal counsel are now saying I can visit her as long as I DON’T BREASTFEED her! How is this legal?!?

Let’s help Parker exercise HER RIGHT TO BREASTFEED!!!

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