What You Should Know About Breastfeeding Plus Free Printable

February 1, 2016 0 By Lead Mama

Please don’t use a nip shield unless truly needed!

They come with their own set of problems and usually mask the original one.

Watch deep latch videos, practice those.

It’s hard when you go into it with the mindset of “I’ll give it a try” “it’s hard but I’ll do a few weeks” … the negative thinking creates problems.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with breastfeeding stay far, far away form them until you have a well established breastfeeding routine with your baby.

Go into it knowing that cluster feeds are important, vital the first 6 weeks. This can mean 8-14 feedings per 24 hours.

You have plenty of milk for baby, just breastfeed no schedules. If weight is an issue or not enough wet/poop diapers, get weighted feeds done.

Meal prep now. Google or pinterest freezer meals. Get 60 meals together at least. Get a slow cooker and or instant pot for fast meals.

Stay away from fenugreek, it’s a diuretic for most and dries up the milk.

Sleep, eat, drink water. You’re focus is to heal and help baby get a great start in life (not talking just breastfeeding).

Need help or need to vent or something, my messenger is open for that! Ima. Lactation educator, mentor and support system, 90% available time.

Grab These Breastfeeding Printable Pages To Help You With The Journey

This breastfeeding printable has lots of helpful pages to help you from planning, how to deal with non-breastfeeders, and even going back to work!

Please make sure that you have the most up to date Breastfeeding Printable Bundle – When you signup, we will email you with the latest version, just in case it didn’t get to you, sign up again. This printable is updated as information changes and I add more pages.

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The Breastfeeding Printable That Does It All For You

I wanted to create something for breastfeeding moms to help them have a better outcome and experience with breastfeeding.Whether you are feeding directly from the breast, using donor milk, going back to work or pumping for other babies, there is something to help you out.

Are you nervous or wondering how other moms experiences were, check out these Breastfeeding Stories Here

This Breastfeeding Printable pack includes things like

  • Travel Cards
  • Hospital Cards
  • Reminders
  • Tips and Tricks

That is just a few of the goodies you will find inside. I created it so that you can easily print them out on Avery 8876 Double-Sided Business Cards, I recommend getting them on thick cardstock or you can even get a few hundred printed up through Vista Print, for less than twenty dollars. Why would you want to print so many? Once you open up the whole bundle, you will see some of the cards are made so that you print them up and give them to others, depends on the card.

Bassinet Breastfeeding Printable

This is for you to use in the hospital or even at home when the baby first comes home. This is handy if you happen to have helpers coming in, the babies info is right there for them to be reminded of important info.

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Also included with the bassinet card is a quick tips section. This helps remind yourself and possibly others how to help you begin your breastfeeding journey on the right foot.

Breastfeeding Printable Tracking Log

Many moms feel more comfortable tracking their babies first few weeks. This time can be overwhelming and exhausting, so this tracking log can help alleviate some stress about your babies feeding routine.

This is not meant to say that baby must feed from both sides for a specific amount of time. It is meant to help you and any helpers learn your babies feeding pattern.

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Breastfeeding your baby should not be timed, but it can be helpful to learn your babies feeding routines so that you can plan for things like going out and handling other life tasks. Let baby feed on one side for as long as they want to, when they unlatch on their own, burp, change the diaper, burp again and then try to offer the second side. It is ok if baby chooses to not take both sides.

Tracking helped me learn that my baby got full on one or both sides at certain times of the daytime. It was easier to plan for doctor appointments, showers, cleaning and spending time with myself and other family members.

Your Right To Breastfeed Should Not Be Someone Else’s Decision!

Breastfeeding is biologically normal. We are created to begin life getting nourished with our own customized milk that moms body produces. It should never be illegal to breastfeed your child in any part of the world. Will people have their own preferences, sure, it is 2017, but that does not give others the ability to make a decision that needs to be moms only.

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This license to breastfeed cards are meant for you to print out multiple cards onto thick cardstock in a business card size. This makes it super easy to toss inside your diaper bag and hand out to those nay-sayers or people who think it is their right to intrude in your personal space, your personal business and try to dictate whether or not you should be breastfeeding, how to breastfeed, for how long and the hottest “controversy”…. to cover or do not cover.

states legal to breastfeed in. breastfeeding friendly states. breastfeeding laws.

These are cards that I print double-sided in business card size in the hundreds. They are small, handy and have good info to show the other person that breastfeeding is normal and is also legal and no, you do not have to practically suffocate your baby under a cover in order to nurse the baby.

Never breastfeed a baby in the bathroom! This is highly disgusting, extremely unsanitary… You Would Never Eat In A Bathroom, Please Do Not Breastfeed Or Pump Milk Inside One.

Break Time For Breastfeeding And Pumping Moms

One of the hardest times for a breastfeeding mom is the decision to go back to work. Everything about it has so many emotions and things to consider. Thankfully, though we should not need something that is so biologically normal, we have laws that protect your decision and journey to continue giving breastmilk to your baby.

take enough breaks for successful breastfeeding. breastfeeding. breastfeeding breaks

Thank You For Nursing Your Baby

I know, I know it can be quite weird when someone comes up to you or you are approached and someone Thanks You for doing something that should be expected, something that is biologically normal… But these days, it is very helpful to have someone come up to you and give you a “breast” bump haha.

If you participate in a local nurse-in or during World Breastfeeding Week, print up multiple sets of these cards and create Breast Goody Bags, this is what I do and hand them out. If you would like to have me make these for you, and all you have to do is pass them out, please email [email protected]

Click On This Photo To Grab Your Breastfeeding Printable Bundle

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This is another card that I print out onto business cards, in the hundreds. When I see a mom nursing her baby, or getting ready to or even when I see familiar breastfeeding friendly items, I try to go up to them, nicely and being friendly and give them this card, it is like a fist-bump in solidarity.

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