Helping Your Child Build Their Self Esteem

Helping Your Child Build Their Self Esteem

January 25, 2021 0 By Lead Mama

Effective Ways to Foster Your Child’s Self-Esteem

There is no specific guidebook to teach a person to love oneself as they become mature adults. This is because of the lack of self-esteem in the formative years which makes each one of us a victim of our mind cages. But as parents and responsible elders, we must imbibe the essential qualities in our children to break this cycle of curse. They must be grown-ups with enough faith in themselves and love for all. The following tips are some easy ways to cultivate self-esteem and self-love in small children as they grow up.

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  1. Introduce kids to prominent personalities

As a kid grows up they must be introduced to good role models. This is quintessential for their personal growth and emotional maturity. They must learn from the best minds about how to be a better version of themselves. At the end of the day, the most important lesson that a kid needs to learn is to be a good human being.

In a world where an individual’s achievement and worth is measured by their positions in an illogical rat race designed to kill dreams, being human is more important than having a fat paycheck.

This is where good role models come into action to teach innocent children about the importance of everything good. In a world of social media influencers where wisdom is all about marketable content, the need for role models is utmost.

Like the iconic Mahatma Gandhi quotes, “An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.”  This is the wisdom that the young generation needs to develop self-worth and self-confidence. They need a guide to help them become the best version of themselves. This is why the parents need to teach the kids about great personalities like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr.,  Abraham Lincoln to name a few.

One must understand the pivotal importance of role models in the lives of the kids. This is because tomorrow is looking for more and more leaders who will bring peace, love, and light and not billionaires boasting about their net worth in the news headline. To build unshakable self-esteem, valuable guidance from prominent role models is very much needed.

Therefore introduce the child to snippets of the lessons and quotes from a tender age. This is because during the most impressionable ages the kids build up their mental set-ups.

  1. Be a good mentor

 “Charity begins at home”, is a popular quote. This is because the basic teaching and value system of any child is primarily based on everything they learn from their parents and elders.

This point highlights the need for good parenting. This builds an undeterred value system in the kids which in turn forms self-belief and self-confidence. Needless to say, the influence of parents is very crucial to foster self-esteem in children. It is commonly observed that the parents are more o a critic to their children than a mentor.

This is dangerous for any child. This is because the broken belief system stirs up the entire personality of a child and they tend to develop issues like social anxiety. This should never be the case. The parents should be present to mentor the child.

The role of the parents is to indicate what is right and wrong, the rest should be the choice of the child. This is how they will learn to make decisions and will gradually build a huge level of self-esteem. Mentoring is not a criticism, it is a way of nurturing the young minds to build within themselves a strong set of beliefs and have a non-judgemental perspective towards the world.

This in turn ensures strong self-esteem from a tender age. This is what makes responsible adults out of the youth who owns the future. This mentoring is essential to ensure that the future is a good one. Mentoring is therefore an integral part of the process of fostering self-esteem.

  1. Appreciation and criticism

Appreciation and criticism are two important factors that help in the mental growth of a child and most importantly build up their core self-esteem.

Appreciation is often believed to be something that spoils children or makes them arrogant. This is completely untrue because appreciation from the parents and elders is a validation and more of a green signal towards the path to take in life.

Nothing is good in excess, and the same goes for appreciation and criticism. Do not brag about the achievement of your child, for it would make him or her extremely proud and overconfident. Similarly do not over criticize the child for it would break his or her self-esteem irreparably. Often parents scold and beat their children and tag it as an act for the betterment of the child.

This is hardly the case for there is nothing but a negative impact on the child. Children are like clay molds one cannot necessarily beat them into a masterpiece. They are to be carved and curated into the best versions with love, care, and acceptance.

Appreciate the child when she or he has done something remarkable or has progressed in a certain area. This will provide them with the much-needed push to move ahead in life. Do not brag about their achievements in broad daylight with a loudspeaker, this will bring inevitable harm to their self-esteem.

Parents must realize that the achievements of their kids are neither the feather for their caps nor a scale to measure the ability of their children. Let the kid grow on their own, just be there to provide them the needed light, air, and love to blossom into better versions.

  1. Help them transition into a self-disciplined lifestyle

No matter how cliched it sounds, but discipline is the key to have a happy and successful life built upon unbreakable self-esteem. The parents, teachers, and elders must teach the kids to be disciplined. Moreover, the tedious task that every parent must do is remove the difficulty and boredom tag from notions of a disciplined lifestyle.

Discipline is a lifestyle of self-care, self-love, and personal growth. Witnessing oneself become better is much more fun than getting caught in the act of being cool in an undisciplined lifestyle. This should never be the case, given all the fun, frolic, and adrenaline rush that life has to offer one must be deep-rooted in the self-disciplined lifestyle to heal oneself from the damage that the world causes.

This is very much needed for the young children for they must learn to help themselves in dicey situations when there is nothing but darkness and no one but oneself. Punctuality, patience, regular schedules, and respecting others are integral parts of a disciplined lifestyle. 

So one must playfully imbibe these aforesaid ideals in their kids to help them develop and nurture their abilities through self-esteem and confidence. In a world chaotic enough to deafen the voices of individuals it is important to find a voice of one’s own to sail through the existential crisis that we all face sooner or later.

Especially the children must be equipped with sufficient inner strength to combat every situation and challenge that is thrown at their face. This will help them learn to be better and happier.

Needless to say this transition into a disciplined way of being will help your child in finding peace and happiness in themselves in the long-run. Life should be cherished but in one’s way lined with self-love.

  1. Teach them self acceptance

One of the crucial issues that almost all children and adults face is the inability to accept oneself. This is the prime reason behind the lack of self-esteem in individuals. Society sets unrealistic standards of beauty and external features which play a crucial role in dampening the spirits of individuals.

This is why it is very important to accept oneself in just the way one is. No matter what others think of you, you must feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin. This is a value that every parent must imbibe in their child. This is because the world works in widening our insecurities and traumas. This vicious cycle of generational curse must end for the young children.

They deserve a world where they are loved and accepted in just the way they are. Altering and changing oneself to match certain standards is impractical and foolish. The parents should teach the children to be confident enough to love themselves.

This is an important lesson that no one has taught us but things must change. The change should come to build a strong sense of self-worth and self-esteem inside every child.  This is because it would build a better world for them. Self-acceptance is the first step to be self-sufficient and independent.

So every kid must be taught this crucial lesson to love oneself and prioritize one’s needs and emotions. This will be one of the first steps towards a better future for the youth.

This is exactly what we need for our children to have complete faith in themselves and have enough self-esteem to make this life worth living. As the world outside becomes extremely difficult with each passing day the parents must make sure that the kids are growing up with enough self-worth and self-esteem to heal themselves from the wear and tear of daily life as a grown-up.

The kids must be taught to be gentle humans even if they are not the hero of their life stories. Not everyone can be a winner but all can be happy in their way.