Create A Christmas Themed Full Learning Center

Create A Christmas Themed Full Learning Center

December 4, 2017 0 By Lead Mama

Make A Christmas Themed Learning Center To Both Celebrate The Season And Encourage Learning

christmas literacy themed center

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I wanted to include some fun Christmas themed things into our learning centers. Teacher Sherpa allows us to get great printables to help us do this. 

While we are instilling the great values and importance of learning, they can also include Christmas to add variety. We can easily download, print and use the materials, they come with the easy to follow instructions. I use plastic shoeboxes, one for each activity that includes the printables from Teacher Sherpa and all the supplies needed to complete it. 

My kids can easily go over to the shelf, grab the activity of their choice, bring it to the table and we can complete it. 

syllable sorting

Teacher Sherpa has a wide assortment of themes and skills to choose from too, this allows us to move ahead or go back to a skill the child needs a little more practice on. 

Setting up themed centers is pretty easy, you just need to download the things you want your child to work on, gather the necessary supplies like crayons, glue or whatever else is needed to complete it. Then add them to one shoe sized plastic container, add it to your child’s workbox shelf and that is it. 

No matter the subject or skill, you can find lots of fun Christmas themed things. It allows you to keep the Christmas season going all winter long, while the kids are retaining valuable skills. 

Are you a homeschooling family, a teacher or just need things to keep the kids busy while continuing their learning? I highly recommend you to get an unlimited pass so you can prepare your classroom or homeschools workstations ahead of time. 

Go grab this freebie, it is a ten page Christmas themed English language arts and math printable. 

christmas english language arts math printable