Father’s Day Posters and Coupons For Dad And Me Days

Father’s Day Posters and Coupons For Dad And Me Days

April 18, 2017 0 By Lead Mama

Posters and Coupons To Help Encourage More Dad And Me Time

These Father’s Day printable coupons and posters will offer many opportunities for more Dad And Me moments to strengthen the bond between dad and child. 

He works many hours leaving little time for anything else. These coupons can be used as small yet fun reminders to ensure the most important task of being a parent is nurtured. 

Here is what the first page of the Father’s Day Coupon Booklet looks like


The Dad and Me Coupon Book Helps Encourage More One On One Time

Our team created this five-page Fathers Day coupon booklet with different things that dad can do with the kids. This gives more opportunities for them to bond, connect and improve their relationship…. while giving mom a break as well. 

These ideas can be used over and over again. Print out a few copies, one set for each child. To make them last longer and get more reusable time with them, laminate them. 

Be sure to grab some pictures and video of the kids and dad enjoying each others company. They will be able to look back at them years later and be reminded of those sweet moments. 

Fun Father’s Day Posters To Frame

Get some materials to make a custom decorated frame for these posters. Have each of the kids decorate the frames and add the posters to the inside. 

These Posters For Dad will help him remember how important his role is in a child’s life.

Father’s Day Posters Can Be Placed Inside Custom Decorated Frames and Coupons To Encourage More Dad and Me Bonding Time.



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