Freaky Food and Creepy Concoctions For The Kids To Make

October 2, 2018 2 By Lead Mama

Trying to come up with something creative to serve at your Halloween party? Try these creepy concoctions.

Graveyard Pudding

Here’s a Halloween twist on that old favorite – dirt pudding.


One container of chocolate pudding
Half a package of Oreo cookies
1 package of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies
Gummy worms
Candy pumpkins
Cool Whip topping
Chocolate chips

Crush Oreos by placing in a plastic Ziploc bag and rolling with a rolling pin until crumbled. Combine pudding and crushed Oreos.

Pour the pudding and cookie mixture into a flat pan and smooth out. This is your graveyard. About an hour before your party starts, fill it with spooky stuff.

Break each Milano cookie in half and prop up in an arrangement of headstones. Place some candy pumpkins around. Slither in some gummy worms.

Just before serving, dollop in some Cool Whip ghosts with chocolate chip eyes.

Homemade Candy Apples

Homemade, decorated candy apples make a great party activity for kids. You can set up all the candies in advance in little bowls. Don’t forget the popsicle sticks!


Apples – granny smith are nice tart and crisp
Melting caramel, usually available in the produce section, near the apples
An assortment of favorite candies and toppings – may include chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, Reese’s Pieces, colored and chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, coconut.

During this time of the year, there are all sorts of creepy themed goodies. You can also crumble up some Butterfingers, Oreos or another favorite candy.


Popsicle sticks
Cookie sheets
Waxed paper
Bowls to hold candy, spoons for sprinkling
Paper plates

NOTE: Expect a mess if you’re going to be hosting this activity! Fun, but full of crumbs and stickiness. If you have the room outdoors, it would be a great place to do this. 

Prepare cookie sheets by lining them with waxed paper. Pour candies and toppings into bowls. Wash and dry the apples. Insert a popsicle stick into each apple.

Melt caramel on the stove on low, stirring constantly. Have each guest dip their apple into the caramel and place on a paper plate.

Each person gets to use a spoon to scoop up and stick on or roll their apple in their favorite toppings.

Set apples on waxed paper sheets to harden. When cool, eat. Delicious and fun to eat. 

Halloween Make at Home Craft Idea: Happy Meal Box Haunted House

Here’s a fun and easy Halloween craft to do with the kids. Make a haunted house out of a Happy Meal box.

What You’ll Need:

* Happy Meal box
* Scissors
* Tape
* Paint – black, white, brown, orange


Remove all the crumbs from your Happy Meal box. You may wish to shake a little baking soda around in there to ensure that there is no remaining oil from the McDonald’s meal that was once inside. Dispose of baking soda when done.

Tape the box shut. Turn the handles and sides in to form a roof. Tape it closed. If anything’s sticking out that shouldn’t be, snip it off neatly.

Cut out the bottom of the box. You won’t need it. Plus, if the bottom is open you can put little characters inside.

With a pencil, outline some windows and doors. Experiment with fancy designs, like arches, if you like. Cut out the windows and doors using the scissors. For the windows, first poke the scissor tip through the middle of the box. Then snip out the window border.

Paint your haunted house. Try a nice dark gray for the outside, and give it one or two good coats to cover. Let dry.

When the first coat of paint is dry, you can add embellishments using your other colors. You might want to add roof shingles, shutters, stone or other embellishments. Let dry.

When your house is finished, you can add more scary accents. Hang some cobwebs stretched from the fibers of a cotton ball. Add spooky plastic spiders and dangle bats from the roof. Pop a tiny skeleton out the window.

When you’re done, use your haunted Happy Meal house for imaginative play with action figures… or, just put it on display for your party guests to enjoy.