Free Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

November 3, 2020 1 By Lead Mama

Thanksgiving is a time where we can show our children what to be thankful for, including all the smaller things.

Print out your child’s Thanksgiving placemat, let them color it then laminate it so they can view their creativity while gobbling up their food.

thanksgiving placemat

Print out the I am Thankful For pages to help them think about all the things they can do and what others do for them.

They can self identify the most important and practice their fine motor skills by writing about it and then drawing it, and lastly coloring it all in. I would say go ahead and laminate that too.

thanksgiving activity sheets

For pages you would like to protect either for safe keeping or so they can use it over and over without it getting messed up, I say laminate it for protection.

For the adults who are doing all the shopping and prep work to ensure a fun filled Thanksgiving dinner happens, please download Small Budget Family Life’s Thanksgiving Planners.