Handmade Christmas Gift Challenge

Handmade Christmas Gift Challenge

September 1, 2017 0 By Lead Mama

Handmade Christmas Gifts Are The Most Thoughtful Heartwarming Items To Exchange With Others

Join me this Christmas season in the Handmade Christmas Gifts Challenge. During this week-long challenge, we will be making lifetime memories with our kids and gifting handmade Christmas gifts. 

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It will be a fun week for us and I get to spend some fun time with the kids. Lately, we have been back and forth to school and doctor appointments, not very fun at all! So I plan to use this Handmade Christmas Gifts challenge to get them engaged in family activities and get some good conversations going on about things that matter the most to them. 

Handmade Gifts Help Build Character In Kids

Kids who get engaged in making things by hand and giving them as gifts can learn lots of things and will help build and shape their character. It is a time where you can easily have a conversation with the kids. They are more relaxed and their willingness to talk is more open. Arts and crafts along with some nice music playing and tasty snacks are a great mixture and set up for learning more about your child, what they are thinking, up to, what is happening at school and it is a great time to instill some traits for character building.

Handmade Christmas Gifts Saves Money

So not only are you engaged in quality time with the kids making lifetime memories but you will save money by going the handmade gifts route too. This helps children learn about money saving and that a store-bought item isn’t the only giftable items on the planet. 

Handmade Gifts Are More Thoughtful And Appreciated

When you get a handmade gift, the feeling you get is different from when you get something that was bought from the store. Unless it was a unique item, it is just an item that many others have too. 

With handmade, even if someone follows the same pattern or instructions, they can make it ten times and have ten different outcomes. Each one will be slightly different than the other. 

Use As Part Of Your Homeschool Activities

These activities can easily be woven into classes such as home economics, volunteering, and in other subjects too. It is great practice for fine motor, thinking skills, hand-eye coordination and other important skills. 

As a family, you can make many items in multiples to hand out to those who need them or even adopt a nursing home to make gifts for. Another great way to show community workers gratitude is to make some handmade gifts to hand out to them. 

What Will We Be Doing During The Handmade Gifts Challenge

Learn How To:

  • Make Pot Holders
  • Make Tinted Lip Balm
  • Make Beeswax Wraps
  • Make Apple Butter
  • Make Hand Cream, Soap, and Bath Salts
  • Make Vanilla Extract, Infused Maple Syrup
  • And much much more

The Bootcamp opens October 9th, but take advantage of the pre-sale and save big! Get access to everything for only $29.97, but only until October 10th when the price goes up.

We do not own a sewing machine but we can certainly still learn some basic sewing skills, it would be great for me to make sure that my kids know at least the basics. We are already gathering supplies to make various things during this challenge. 

We will be adding essential oils into the bath items, we will focus on blends that offer relaxing essences. 

We recently went to our local farmers market and got a cool candle made from beeswax, now the boys want to try it out themselves with making things with beeswax. 

While we hope that everything turns out flawless, we are extreme beginners, so new that we had to buy arts and crafts supplies and kits, since we didn’t have anything on hand haha! We will not let that stop us, we will explore so many things during this time. 

Join Us This Year And Show Us Your Handmade Gifts

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