What to do With Kids Who Are Sad

What to do With Kids Who Are Sad

February 2, 2021 0 By Lead Mama

Being a parent is a tough job which is worthwhile when one sees their kids rising and shining like a fresh morning flower. Life as we know it is not a cakewalk but has its own set of challenges at every step. This is applicable not just for the adults but for the kids as well.

As an adult often it seems that being a child is a life without hassles. But this is not true at all. Given the complicated world we live in, being absolutely naive with almost no resistance to everything negative is not really an easy task.

These are the moments when grief and sadness take over. The following steps are something that you can say to a sad child or do with them in order to make them feel better in their own shoes.

What to do With Kids Who Are Sad 1
  1. Communicate and understand their issue

An integral part of any situation or relationship is effective communication. Whenever you are in a situation where a sad child needs your guidance, first talk to them.

Slide-in their shoes and try to understand exactly what is distressing for them. This is the most crucial part of supporting an emotionally distressed individual. This is because all that a broken heart needs is support from another who is empathetic enough to understand their situation.

So whenever a kid needs your advice, just make them talk and listen to them with undivided attention. No matter how irrelevant or illogical their reasons seem just to try to make them understand that you are on his or her team.

This is the first step in dealing with a sad child. Try to understand that in this weirdly complex world when most of the adults are on the verge of collapsing into a black hole of mental health issues the kids are bound to get affected. Be a good listener and do whatever it takes to comfort them.

This is the prime step because in a world of smart machines where everyone is willing to talk each one of us needs someone who is willing to listen without judgments and opinions. Needless to say, the kids need someone like that too. So whenever you are the healer for a little broken heart, don’t break it further. Just try and be that healing touch to it.

  1. Spend some quality time with them

Everyone needs time and support to heal from whatever is breaking them from inside. As for small children, the little reasons to be sad can be as small as a broken crayon or unshared chocolates. But those small things actually mean the world to them.

So go for a little walk or sit for a while in a calm place and have a chat with the sad kid. Make him or her comfortable in your presence so that they can speak their hearts out.

This will surely take off the emotional baggage they are carrying on their tiny shoulders. If needed go for things like a little duo video game match or simply a match in the backyard. These small things will not only help the sad child but will also make you feel like you are a reason for someone to smile.

So don’t think twice when a sad child comes to you for help, just sit down with them and listen to their interesting stories. Let them unfold those dark corners, and help them find the light. Whenever you see that a child is crying or is upset stop treating them for suppressing their emotions. Rather be with them so that they can seek an emotional release.

  1. Take professional help if necessary

For ages, mental health has been an area of taboo and neglect. In a world designed to drive us crazy, we often avoid therapists by tagging them as healers of the madness.

While there is a destructive madness in each one of us, we are somewhere scared of out of tune corners of the mind that need healing. Mental health issues in children are often neglected by the elders and parents.

The prime reason is neglect and self-treatment by the elders. But this is not how it works. Mental health professionals go through years of training to help an individual detangle the knotted threads of their minds and provide them with clarity.

Undoubtedly we are here existing in the residuals of our generational curses and personal crisis. The unacknowledged fact is that even the kids are deeply affected by these things. The issue behind a sad face or lack of appetite may not be just a box of chocolates or a scolding from the teacher.

Things like toxic parenting, emotional harassments, and often sexual abuse are responsible for the mental breakdown of children. These issues are largely ignored or kept in closets by adults but they fail to realize the effects.

Especially things like toxic parenting break a child from the inside. It scars them forever. As per popular research, there is an alarming rate of increase in the number of cases of sexual abuse in children. So whenever you are at a juncture where you have to deal with an emotionally troubled child, try to delve a little deeper.

The reason for that unexpected silence may be something that you could not understand with a sheer guess.

  1. Be absolutely non-judgemental and easy

Judgment and opinions are something that comes easily to each one of us because of the social structure that wires our mindsets. But as a leaned and sensible human being, each one of us must shirk off the socially imposed hurtful ways.

This is essential for a healthy future for ourselves and our younger generations as well. Whenever we are faced with a situation where we have to deal with someone facing an issue of distress we tend to put on an image that makes us superior in terms of difficulty endurance and emotional stability.

This is a very bad thing to do. This puts the ailing individual in a circle of inescapable stress and depression. Now turn the context to a small child. When a small boy is sad or is crying the elder around often injects a toxic thought in their minds.

They make the kid believe that boys or men do not cry. In other words, males are not supposed to be emotional or express their feelings towards things that affect them. This is one of the main ways which builds up toxic masculinity starting from an individual level to a social level.

This is exactly why one must be non-judgemental when they are to deal with an emotionally vulnerable child who has zero ideas about the weirdly complex world. Be easy and soft to the sad child and just stand by him or her like a firm wall and observe how the little one will smile back again with endless joy.

  1. Engage in some mood-boosting thing.

Good company and support is a true bliss since most of us can neither find one nor be one. It’s high time to make an effort to be one, so that we can attract others who are here to support us at our worst.

So the last but not the least way to advise a sad kid is engaging in a mood-lifting activity with them. You need not move mountains to make your kid normal and happy. Find those little packets of happiness that the innocent child is looking for.

Bake his or her favorite muffins and cookies together and engage the kid in the work so that they earn to find their own peace of mind as they grow up into mature responsible adults. This step is not just an instant remedy to make the munchkin smile, but deep down it is a long-term lesson of self-sufficiency in the kid.

The mood-boosting activity can also be something like a story reading afternoon, a bicycle ride, learning new things like origami, gardening, or anything like this that will shift the child’s mind towards something positive and happier. However as a word of caution, one must note that these activities can be taken up if the child is facing some minor issues that will get resolved by these aforesaid ways.

One must understand the severity of the situation in the case of the child. So don’t confuse yourselves in situations like these, when you have to deal with a sad child, be a good advisor who is non-judgemental and understanding. Do not spoon-feed words of wisdom, just be the firm support so that the child can grow in his or her own way, out of those emotional tantrums.

Given the dicey way of life, it is very clear that small children are often a victim of unimaginable emotional stress. A seemingly easy situation might conceal some unexpectedly dark and worse reasons behind the sad innocent faces.

These aforesaid ways are some simple steps to help an emotionally stressed child. Do not think much, that will add to the stress the child is already in. Follow these aforesaid tips to help out the kid who needs you. Always try and be that much-needed support that you needed as a child.

Stop being the agony aunt or uncle, rather be the light-headed cool friend who is the superhero for every innocent child. These easy steps will help you become one.

Read up all of them to get valuable insights into how the mind of children works. This will give you all the right answers to innocent questions. Help a kid find their best versions and so that they recover from their depressive state.