Safety Fest – Keeping Our Children Safe – Joans Joy Foundation

Safety Fest – Keeping Our Children Safe – Joans Joy Foundation

September 11, 2018 0 By Lead Mama

Keeping our children safe from predators is crucial. It is everyone’s job, not just the parents. 

Remember Joan Today So Tomorrow’s Children Will Be Safe

Remembering Joan

Who Is Joan?

Joan was a cute little girl who was a girl scout. While delivering some tasty girl scout cookies to a nearby neighbor, she was sexually assaulted and then murdered. 

joans law

RoseMarie created a lasting and very helpful organzation to help our children continue to be safe. Joans Law was created and helps victims such as Joan. 

Joans Law was signed in 1997 in New Jersey and in 1998, President Clinton signed it as a federal law.

>Joans Law states that anyone who commits both a sexual offense with murder, the criminal will not be allowed parole, ever! Thank you RoseMarie for working hard to get this into place. In addition to Joans Law, RoseMarie worked again really hard to get into place Justice For Victims Law, which means there isn’t a statue of limitations and the criminal will not be granted any inheritances or other assets after the crime.

Joan Angela D’Alessandro Memorial Foundation

Joan’s memory lives on through these laws and a foundation dedicated to helping children who become or may become victims of such crimes. You can learn more about what this foundation does on Joans Joy Website

Attend Joans Joy Child Safety Fest

An event dedicated to showing children techniques they can use to help protect themselves. Showing them ways to escape safely, giving them tips and more. A full day of demonstratuions beginning at noon and ending at 5PM. Be sure to bring your children so they can get the most out of it. 

Stay up to date about this Child Safety Fest in Hillsdale New Jersey Event 

Thank You Volunteers Who Help Make This Event Fun and Informative Every Year

Volunteers are always important at events. Especially events for the children. They work hard to help tell others about the event as well as setting things up and clean up afterwards. 

What To Expect At The Child Safety Fest

child safety fest with joans joy

K9 Demonstration

K9’s are very helpful when it comes to finding a missing child. It is important that you bring something from your child’s bedroom for the K9 Officer to use. Its scent is important in tracking down where the child may have been brought. 

During this demonstration, you can get an idea of what the K9 will do and their amazing capabilities in tracking and taking down a criminal. If you haven’t seen them in action, I encourage you to not miss it. 

Reflections and Honoring Childrens Memories

During this time is a time to reflect on memories such as Joans. Standing together, holding each others hands to form a community who is unified in the fight for childrens safety. 

Live Butterfly Release

Participate in the release of beautiful butterflies. 

DePasquale Self Defence Demonstration

Get your child involved in this self sefence demo. It is important they have some techniques to use in different situations. The more your child knows about safety, prevention, survival and recue, they better their chances will be. 

Child Safety Kits

I know some parents worry about their child’s information “out there”. It won’t really be out there any more than their birth certificates are. These child safety kits are important because it easily and quickly allows authorities to access information that is vital to rescuing the child to safety. 

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