Do You Know Your Child’s Learning Style?

February 24, 2017 1 By Cheli Cerra

Smart parents know that they are their child’s first and most important teacher. Do you know how your child learns best?

Children learn at different rates and different ways. Some learn best by listening (auditory learner) while others learn best by touching (kinesthetic learner). If you want to help your child become smarter than you need to know his/her learning style.

There are seven types of learning styles.

Child psychologists will tell you that there are a variety of learning styles categorized in a multitude of ways. To simplify this concept educators and psychologists have created seven different types of learning styles.

Your child may have one or two or even more of these styles. Realizing your child’s strengths and weaknesses is an important step every parent should take to maximize their child’s learning potential.

If your child has a weakness in a certain subject area due to his particular learning style, you can assist your child and work with the teacher and the school to overcome this weakness.

Taking this step can make a world of difference in a child’s success!

The Seven Learning Styles:

  1. Linguistic – children who are linguistic learners love language. They love stories and are very attentive during story telling time. BEST WAY TO LEARN: By describing orally what is being learned and using word games to learn facts.
  2. Mathematical – children who are mathematical learners love to observe, analyze, and create patterns. They like to sort things out and organize their resources. They love a step-by-step process. BEST WAY TO LEARN: By using an outline or a step-by-step guide to write down facts.
  3. Kinesthetic – children who are physical or kinesthetic can’t sit still. These children learn through movement or physical activity. BEST WAY TO LEARN: Through hands-on activities, jumping rope to the multiplication tables, tossing a ball to spell vocabulary words – they love to be moving!
  4. Intrapersonal – children who are intrapersonal like to be by themselves. They absorb information and tend to be quiet. They love research and learning by themselves. BEST WAY TO LEARN: Through individual rather than group study, writing and goal setting.
  5. Interpersonal – children who are interpersonal learners love to interact with others. They love to be helpers, are quite social, and prove to be great team players. They love to voice their ideas and opinions. BEST WAY TO LEARN: With a buddy.
  6. Musical – children who are musical learners are vibrant, rhythmic, and melodic. They can easily remember or memorize songs and jingles. They work well with background music playing as the music helps them stay focused! BEST WAY TO LEARN: Reading aloud information.
  7. Visual – children who are visual usually tend to be artistic. They enjoy drawing and coloring and pay great attention to detail. BEST WAY TO LEARN: Through pictures, diagrams, maps and charts.

Everyone has at least one primary learning style. Some children have a mix of styles with one being the most dominant and the other being the secondary dominant style.


As a parent, knowing your child’s learning styles will help you to bring out your child’s greatness!