Life Skills Task Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 7 Years Old

Life Skills Task Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 7 Years Old

September 15, 2020 0 By Lead Mama

Teaching your child essential life skills doesn’t have to begin in their teen years. In fact, there are several skills you can begin introducing them to as early as the toddler years.

As you begin to teach these valuable lessons, you’ll notice that your child can probably do much more than you imagined.

life skills for kids

There are also many benefits for focusing on a few set skills to teach your child. As a matter of fact, life skills go hand-in-hand with your child’s growth and development.

Children who have this part of development fostered have been shown to be very successful later in life. 

What are life skills?

Simply put, life skills are tasks and activities that children learn in everyday life. Yes, the academic side of learning is very important; however, your child will still need the skills to function as a meaningful member of society.

In the free PDF download, you’ll learn 7 essential life skills for your 3 to 6-year-old as well as practical ways to help foster them through your child’s day-to-day activities. You will also get a free set of task cards to help them visually see the skill and practice it.