Minecraft Snowman Craft

Minecraft Snowman Craft

December 6, 2017 0 By Lead Mama

Your Minecraft Snowman Craft Will Be A Fun Addition To Your Holiday Decor

This Minecraft snowman craft is fairly easy to make and would go great with many holiday decorating sceneries. 

Kids still love Minecraft and who can blame them. Minecraft allows them to get ost into their own self-created little worlds, literally. 

Make multiple Minecraft snowmen, the more the better. Get the supplies in bulk so that the kids can create them altogether.  

The Minecraft snowman craft is a great snow day activity when you are snowed in. 

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Materials Needed For Minecraft Snowman Craft

  1. Download These Snowman Pieces
  2. Paper
  3. Printer
  4. Scissors
  5. Mod Podge
  6. Small paint brush
  7. 3 one-inch wood blocks (can be found on Amazon)
  8. Ribbon (for a scarf)

Your child may be able to do this activity by themselves depending on age. Place all these supplies into a plastic shoebox and add it to their activity center shelve, they can go grab it when they are ready to do it. 

We got lots of material so that we can create multiple little Minecraft snowmen, the best prices I found were on Amazon. 

You can change up the size of the blocks to have bigger Minecraft snowmen. If you didn’t want to print out the snowman pieces you can paint the blocks with some paint and add some glitter so it glistens. 

Instructions To Make Your Minecraft Snowman Craft

  • Print out the snowman printable and carefully trim each piece.
  • Using ModPodge and a small paint brush, glue one piece of “snow” to each side of all 3 wood blocks.

supplies for minecraft snowman craft

  • Next, glue the 3 small squares to one side of a block to resemble buttons.
  • To create the arms, glue the corresponding pieces together. Do not glue the upper shoulder parts together.

snowman arms minecraft

  • Fold back the upper shoulder parts, as shown in the photo.

minecraft snowman arm assembly

  • Glue these shoulders to sides of the same block as the buttons, as shown in the photo.

snowman arm assembly minecraft

  • Tie a piece of ribbon around your snowman to resemble a scarf.

Add More Crafts To Your Routine

Minecraft Snowman Craft 22

Instructions To Assemble Your Minecraft Snowman:

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Ta-Da Your Minecraft Snowman Is Assembled!

I would love to see photos and videos of your kids making theirs! Did you decide to do any variations?  How did your kids do? 

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