Miracle Micro Preemie Baby Kaylie Forced into Foster Care

Miracle Micro Preemie Baby Kaylie Forced into Foster Care

August 21, 2018 0 By ms. Mariska

The State of Georgia Wants to Put Miracle Micro Preemie Baby Kaylie into Foster Care Instead of Sending Her Home to Her Very Loving and Capable Parents.

♥ When little Kaylie Troupe was born as a micro-preemie back in December at just 28 weeks gestation, no one was sure she would survive being born so early.

What do you think about someone else taking your baby away, not because of abuse or neglect, but because they don’t want to work with the parents with something so simple?

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Micro Preemie, born at 28 Weeks Old

Can You Imagine How Many Surgeries Micro-Baby Kaylie Had to Live Through?

She’s had multiple surgeries and overcome tremendous health challenges, including Truncus Arteriosus. Baby Kaylie’s survival is nothing short of a medical miracle.

Kaylie wants to be at home, where she can get not only her medical needs met, but she will also have her entire family with her… all the time. She will be able to keep progressing, she will be able to wake up to her sisters and brother, greeting her with hugs and words of encouragement.

This shows you just how much Kaylie wanted to join us here, she wants to grow up and show you her incredible talents, gifts, and abilities. 

Micro-Baby Kaylie Needs To Be Home With Her Parents

She needs mom and dads touch, all the time, she needs and wants to cuddle with them. It is crucial for her progress. 

Almost since Kaylie’s birth, her Mom, DeAnna, has been fighting the system to be treated equally. The hospital Eggleston is located 11.3 miles away from the family’s home in Stone Mountain.

Why are hospital staff members behaving this way? Treating NICU parents with dignity, respect, compassion and equally should be like breathing for hospital staff. This should not be an option for them.

The Struggle of Leaving the Hospital Everytime Without Your Baby

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Kaylie, Miracle Micro Preemie Fighting To Go Home

Every mom expects to leave the hospital with their new baby. But what happens when you are sent home after delivering your child, and you have to leave behind your baby? 

What about the NICU moms who leave the hospital more than a hundred times without bringing home their baby?

The emotional roller coaster, the physical labor to bring yourself to do it all over again, slowly chipping away at your mental health. And to top it all off, the financial mountain that keeps getting taller.

Life With a Micro-Preemie Baby Feels Like This


Every Day Is A Roller Coaster – Lots Of Ups & Downs

DeAnna’s multiple jobs along with the distance away from the hospital and no reliable transportation (there is only one van and the husband has to use it for the other kids) meant that during the time DeAnna could get away from her work she had to travel three hours round trip just to spend time with her baby.

It is difficult and painful for her to be away from her baby, but she has to keep working to support the rest of her family. She also has other children to care for, four daughters and one son.

Every time I get to visit Kaylie some of the nurses give me the side eye because I can’t get there as often as some other wealthier parents. They treat me like a second-class citizen.

DeAnna Troupe, Kaylie’s mom

Why are hospital staff doing this? They need to be more helpful and supportive. Of course, if mom could, she would sleep right in the NICU bed with her child!

They need to be helping her, not tearing her down.

  • Now Baby Kaylie is almost well enough to come home. She’s been given a trach and DeAnna and her husband have been trained by hospital staff on how to take care of their special needs baby.
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Kaylie and Mama

Who is Holding Micro-Preemie Baby Kaylie From Going Home?

The Department of Family and Children’s Services won’t allow Baby Kaylie to be released to her Mom because the family lives in a modest two-bedroom apartment and DFCS says Baby Kaylie needs to have her own bedroom.

Rather than send Baby Kaylie home with her Mom, they want to place the baby into the already over-burdened foster system.

`DeAnna is beside herself. She has asked for help in finding the accommodations in order to meet the requirements, but the authorities seem to have more interest in removing the baby from her mother’s care rather than helping this family stay together.

Why can’t they help this family get a larger place to live in? Why is their goal to remove a child from their parents care, to be placed in a foster care home?

This can set Kaylie back! It will be detrimental for her. She is already going through enough and her parents are fully capable of taking care of her.

Their only struggle is getting and keeping a three bedroom for Kaylie to have her mandatory own room.

With rental units averaging over $1,200 per month, that can be hard to do the inital move. Landlors need first, last and security. Plus you need to factor in the actual cost of wa

This family of eight is needing help to get out of a two bedroom and into a three bedroom. 

Help Baby Kaylie with the Resources She Needs to Go Home

The problem with getting assistance to help bring Kaylie home is because DeAnna isn’t homeless. She isn’t unemployed. Getting help is essentially impossible. 

What exactly is expected for her to do? She is working as best she can and as fast as she can to get into a larger place. The problem is, DCF will be faster to place baby into a foster care home and probably remove parental rights for her to be adopted out. This has happened to so many kids already, please do not let Kaylie become part of that. 

The System is Rigged Against the Working Poor

But she lacks the necessary resources and feels stuck. DeAnna has told us she has asked for help.

They keep saying we need a bigger place, but no one is volunteering to give us a bigger place or pointing us to resources where we can find something reasonably priced that we can get into without a 50-year long waiting list.

Help Bring Micro-Preemie Baby Kaylie Home

I have seen DeAnna post many times on Facebook asking for our healing prayers, and help with giving her guidance and strength throughout this journey. 

In multiple Facebook posts we have commented with all kinds of ideas, firstly of course we all posted that the hospital where Kaylie is should be their greatest resource. It has proven to not be, especially when DCF isn’t allowing Baby Kaylie her right to be reunited with her parents and family.

I encourage you to use the comments to send her words of wisdom, love, healing and any resurce that you may know of to help bring Baby Kaylie home. She really needs you to share this article, tag someone you may know that can help. 

DeAnna has set up a fundraiser to help them with bringing Kaylie home and keep her from going into the foster care system. Kaylie doesn’t need to go into foster care, she shouldn’t have to be forced. She has a family who is fully capable of taking of her.

Micro-Preemie Baby Kaylie needs to have her own room due to her medical needs and equipment needed for around the clock care.

Her family has a two-bedroom, they need to have a three bedroom to bring her home. She really wants to go home.

Click This Pretty Button To Help Baby Kaylie Go Home

Thank You For Helping! Every Little Bit Helps Bring Kaylie Home

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Help Micro Preemie Kaylie Go Homeand Stay Out Of Foster Care Please

Being the Mom of a trach baby is going to be scary enough. But the stress of all this is so hard. I’m at my wit’s end.”

DeAnna Troup, Kaylie’s Mom

Let’s help keep this baby with her family, where she belongs. Let’s help them get into a larger place where Kaylie can have her own room to receive the medical care she needs, with her family. Thank you!!

DCF Has Wrongfully Taken Custody Of Kaylie

Update: September 26, 2018 – DCF has taken Kaylie away from her parents. Their reason is because they couldn’t find an apartment large enough to accomodate the entire family because Kaylie will need to have her own room. DCF has taken no steps to assist this family in obtaining a larger home. 

preemie kaylie

This was the last photo mom took on Tuesday. Kaylie looks sad to see mom needing to leave her. Please don’t let this be the last moment that baby has with her parents. Let’s get them reunited and into their own place!

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