Nautical Fathers Day Card Plus Mini Newspaper Activity

Nautical Fathers Day Card Plus Mini Newspaper Activity

April 6, 2016 0 By Lead Mama

Here’s A Nautical Fathers Day Card Plus And Activity Printable Pack

Want to give an inexpensive Father’s Day gift to dad? Are you looking for some Father’s Day activities that Papa can do with his kids and create fun memories? 

You have stumbled in the right spot then! 

Papa Needs A Sentimental Keepsake Father’s Day Card

Does Papa enjoy the nautical scene? Here is a cute Nautical Father’s Day Card to download, print and add your love for future reminiscing when his kids are all grown. 


nautical themed fathers day card to print


Help Papa Feel Super Important With His Very Own Mini Newspaper

A Mini Father’s Day Newspaper to remind him how much he is needed, wanted, not forgotten, is important and loved. 

Many times Papa doesn’t get the floodlights shined on him in a positive manner. He works lots and maybe isn’t getting all the recognition he can use to help him improve his mood and motivation. 

Show him that he is truly loved, important in his child’s life and appreciated. This mini newspaper includes

Front Page – Make Papa a parent celebrity with his very own Front Page 

Coloring Page – A cool coloring page the kids can color on their own or alongside their Papa, don’t forget to snap some memorable Dad and Me pictures.

Mad Libs – A fun way for Papa and the kids to create some pretty interesting stories! Grab some pictures for Dad and Me moments and for this, I also recommend some video too. It would be a fun time. 

fathers day mini newspaper kids activity peintable


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