Notebook Rice Krispies Treats

July 12, 2016 0 By Lead Mama

 Fun School Themed Notebook Rice Krispies Treat Snacks

Notebook Rice Krispies treats are the perfect way to get ready for the new school year. The kids will have fun making these snacks. 

I love how many things you can create with Rice Krispies besides a bowl of cereal with milk. Rice Krispies treats are a favorite among both children and adults. Talking two great ingredients and making one awesome snack is pretty handy though. 

Let’s have some school themed fun with Rice Krispies Treats. Prepare them as normal, cut into rectangular shapes that resemble pieces of paper.

Gather Your Notebook Rice Krispies treats supplies

  • Rectangle shaped Rice Krispies Treats
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Gel Icing for writing in Red, Sky Blue, and Black
  • Mini Chocolate chips


How To Turn A Rice Krispies Treat Into Paper

Spread some frosting on each treat piece. Make it lay as flat as possible. If you want to, you can make the illusion of worn down paper, crinkly or even torn paper. 

rice krispies treats. school themed snacks

Spread Frosting Smoothly and Evenly On Every Notebook






Next, use the red icing to make the line on the left side of the paper to resemble lined writing paper. 

rice krispies treat ideas. school snacks

Create Your Red Left Margin Line

Using the sky blue icing create a few lines to make the lines on a piece of notebook paper. 

rice krispies treat snack ideas.

Create Lines Across Your Paper


  1. Then using the black icing, create a small line on the part where the red and sky blue icing meets, this makes it look like the wire part of the pages together in a notebook. 
  2. Using three mini chocolate chip pieces, place them on the left side next to the edge to create the holes found on lined notebook pages. 
school snakcs. rice krispies snack ideas

Add Your Holes and Wire To Resemble A Wire Bound Notebook

Add The Finishing Touches On Your Rice Krispies Treat Notebook Paper

Get creative, use things like toothpicks to add letters or words on the lines if possible. It is a great way to challenge the kids to use their thinking skills on ways to do it. It will also help them with fine motor skills as they will be using all kinds of movements adding things to their paper. 


What Is On Your Rice Krispies Notebook Paper?

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