Good to be back

September 8, 2015 0 By Lead Mama

Hello, I am Marilyn and I am happy to have my parenting blog open again. I am excited to meet more parents, and enjoy the mess we get ourselves into as parents.

This time around, the entries will be only about parents and children and all things relevant to them. We still do Product Reviews, but they will be found at Product Gab. I also have more of an adult outlet for all kinds of other topics that we can enjoy discussion over at Social Butterfly. I have a health, fitness and nutrition blog too, check out Tuned Up Body for recipes and more.

I like the idea better to have them in different spaces, kind of like their own cubbies. This also helps me with clarity and which topics fit or belong where.

My blogging break has only been here, from parenting topics. During that time frame I was still recovering from the car accident, still adjusting to the move from Boston to Florida, learning about the people and places of my new location as well as focusing more on my businesses. I have been randomly dipping in and out of parenting boards though. I get bored of them, I’d rather talk with you here, all in one spot. It is too time consuming going to each of the parenting boards and forums. I like to use my time efficiently.

So, what else have we been up to? Mainly, chilling.. I was working lots on my businesses. The boys are all in public school now, though we still do home education. Public school does not teach everything they should be to get children ready for the burdens of adulthood. My oldest has graduated highschool here at home. It is a sad happy moment.

So, what have you been up too?