School Planner and Preparation Printable

School Planner and Preparation Printable

July 20, 2016 1 By Lead Mama

Prepare for the School Year with these Resources

School is about to start, are you ready for it? Using these school preparations, tips, guides and printable kits will help you and your child get through the entire school year.


School Prep and Planner Printable Kit

I have created some things for you to print out and use all year long. Laminate them so that they are more durable. Using expo markers on the laminate means you print only once and use over and over, money saver.  

 Grab Your Free Printable School Prep and Planner Kit 


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Planning and Preparing Multiple Kids 

This year I have three children in school, and yes we still do homeschool partially as well. 

Our homeschool is the same as when we did it full-time, still more on the laid back side. However, they do attend public school full-time so we need to keep track and be well prepared each day for less stress and more success. 

We use the school shopping list to refer to every month to make sure that we have enough supplies to last them. 

The kids use the other school printables on their own to keep themselves accountable. This teaches them to be responsible for themselves. 

They can easily check off as they go along to make sure they have everything they need for the next day. 

Guiding them on how to use each page means I know they understand the reasoning and why it is important. It also reduces the amount of work that I need to do as well. Just because I am the mom doesn’t mean that I am also their hands, brain, and feet too.  

Not only will they be able to help themselves but they will also learn things like shopping, budgeting, organizing, cooking and even meal prep too. 

Since I have multiple children it will also help my sanity by passing on some tasks to the children, they will greatly benefit from it. As brothers, they can also help one another stay on track. One brother can get a snowball effect started.

For example, check out what is on sale that week for their meals and snacks, then putting together a shopping list, helping save money, doing the actual shopping and all the way until the end. The kids can work together and accomplish lots of things in a smaller amount of time.   

 Grab Your Free Printable School Prep and Planner Kit