The Moment When Your Child Becomes The Choking Flash

The Moment When Your Child Becomes The Choking Flash

August 14, 2018 0 By ms. Mariska

The Choking Flash Visits Most Parents At Least Once In The First 18 Years Of Birth

The choking flash visited Spring, here is her encounter with it.

Spring’s morning would make someone start to question themselves … Am I Really Ready For This? Spring, my friend wants to show you what can happen in a few minutes time.

Spring began her FB post with Y’all want birth control? And I wanted to add in there, baby fever 😉  Keep reading….

The Choking Flash Encounter Began With A Mopped Floor

~I  mopped the kitchen floor while my daughter was in her room playing with her Barbie Dreamhouse and was just plain being a good girl. I thought for a moment that I would be able to take care of some personal needs, finally. Deciding now is my chance, I went to the bathroom in the hallway bathroom by her room, cuz ya know, we can’t take an eye off our kids

Hurry, There Is A Moment For A Possible Bathroom Break

? She fussed last night, late night, for gummies. Now, I don’t reward my daughter for being a fusspot, so I didn’t give them to her.

You still with me? Oh ok. The Choking Flash Might Be Closeby…

??‍♀️ So I’m sitting on the toilet, door wide open, because ya know, can’t take an eye off your child. I look to my left and all I see is a 3-year-old become the fawking Flash in 1.2 seconds.

fear and terror.
photo credit: Stuart Miles (Free Digital Photos)

I’m in mid-push, – so, I’m not getting up – yet. I hear her fall. I cut my toilet session short, clean up, wash my hands and fly to the kitchen. Yes, that mom intuition kicked in so I knew she was in there.

She had to be, I heard her fall and the first thing I thought of was the wet floor from mopping. I get there, pick her up, and she’s fine. She goes back to her room, I go back to the bathroom.

Not even 3 seconds later I see the Flash again. It just had to really be the Flash, because I didn’t anything until the scariest sound in the world happened.

I don’t hear a fall but I hear choking

911 button. stuart miles
Photo Credit: Stuart Miles (free print media)

??‍♀️ So I become the Flash. Yes, I wiped Y’all, don’t worry – or should I have skipped that part ms K.? I mean, now it was my turn to be the Flash, right?

This little girl, got the dining room chair into the kitchen, in front of the pantry, and was choking…..

On what you may ask? Fawking gummies!! Yeah, the first time was a test run (I’m assuming). She stuffed every single one in her mouth and choked.


Not only did she choke Y’all, but once I got one out, they all came out…..With vomit…All…Over…The Kitchen…Floor! Remember I had just mopped?

Now, I ’m super happy she’s ok, that is such a relief. Shes fine. But this goes to show, us mommas can’t even caca in peace. It’s that two seconds you don’t have your eye on your child that something happens.

The Baby Powder Mess

Another time I took just two minutes to brush my teeth, I came back to this…  

baby powder mess

Of course, I know who did it. It was most definitely her, The Flash in the flesh!

messy baby powder kds

Why Couldn’t She Just Toss Baby Powder All Over Instead, again ;p

Before You Cast Bricks At Me

Listen, to all you other people saying “You should have kept an eye on your child.” I can’t wait ’til you have kids! 

? Lil Johnny will tear your house apart!! And if this is you > “my child would never do that.” Yeah, you’re right. Lil Johnny will be worse

panic. calm
photo credit: Stuart Miles (free print photos)

?And you know That Saying “Nobody tests your gangsta like your 2nd child.” Yeah, trust me, It is true.

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