Ultimate Definition of Motherhood

Ultimate Definition of Motherhood

February 16, 2021 0 By Lead Mama

Change Your Environment, Change Your Perspective

Motherhood is a huge milestone or goal for many ladies’ lives. But it is also the scariest thing for them, to be 100% responsible for a whole ‘other being, numerous things change.

Motherhood is a crucial stage touched with courage, strength, confusion, and stress. It’s a significant break from what you used to know and your new job: the mother job. 

Even though you may have strong desires for this new job, taking on duties, interests, and even sentiments you didn’t have before can be nerve-racking. Like all circumstances throughout everyday life, you’ll start as a learner, and the climate will make you change. 

Being a parent is not simply dealing with yourself and your wellbeing yet also that of another individual, which takes up the top spot on your list of needs. 

It’s an immense, impressive, and public demonstration of affection. Nonetheless, simultaneously, it can crash with the mental self-view that you’ve worked on before motherhood.

Motherhood constrains you to surrender a few pieces of yourself or to require them to be postponed at any rate for some time. – But, it will not be like that for the rest of your life, it is temporary.

Surrendering things accompanies a verifiable message: you are no longer as significant, which isn’t in reality evident. However, not having as much time or the same number of assets to deal with yourself as you used to can leave you feeling neglected. Furthermore, this can considerably influence your confidence.

What things does motherhood change? 

Being a mother makes you reexamine your life from numerous viewpoints.

It’s solid, as it is attractive, to continue to have cozy minutes and to attempt to keep your character or your interests. Yet, normally, plans and projects will come up that you’ll need to give up since they are not viable with your present way of life.

Social connections 

Friends are perhaps the essential components that motherhood can influence. Except if the majority of your Friends have youngsters too, which would make every one of you experience pretty much similar changes, at that point, it’s conceivable that you’re the one in particular who needs to adapt. Accordingly, you’re less accessible to do certain activities, for example, traveling, going to shows, or going to the club. 

Your energy and inspiration to do those things likewise change.

Typically, parents feel exceptionally drained more often than not, so they’ll likely need to spend it getting some rest when they have some extra time.

Hence, public activity unquestionably changes. Guardians begin spending time with different guardians since they have more in common, practically speaking, more things to discuss, and their kids can play together.

That doesn’t imply that you need to leave your old companions. You ought to endeavor to keep them if conceivable.


Right up ’til the present time, the work-life balance appears to be impossible. At the point when parenthood comes, another job or thing to do except it takes top priority. Nursing requests and bringing up a youngster make it difficult to work and be a mother simultaneously. 

That is the reason numerous ladies feel compelled to stop their positions. Others don’t stop yet wind up in a day by day tsunami of stress and nervousness. Regardless, the dedicated lady you were before parenthood is presently an alternate sort of lady, whose endeavors are conveyed in other, more significant things.


A large portion of your time goes to your child. You may feel that your physical and individual prosperity are no longer as significant as they were previously. 

Additionally, it’s typical on the off chance that you don’t view yourself as appealing any longer; the absence of time can focus on self-care no more. Additionally, the body changes during pregnancy and after you conceive an offspring, so it’s OK if you don’t feel as certain as in the past. Remember that you’re diverse currently, similar to your life, and that change is delightful in itself.

Self-care in your child’s first year of life is critical! So be sure to take out your calendar and block off a half hour each day to dedicate to only yourself. Just like you would schedule a doctor appointment for your child. You need a non-negotiable half hour at least.

Resting as a mother is vital for you both

If you used to return home after work, clean up, put on some comfortable clothes, and watch Netflix… This all changes when you become a mom. As a parent, you could presumably agree to such changes. Another is being able to deal with, a little person that needs you. 

Relaxation changes once you become a parent, for many just using the bathroom in peace has become their own form of “relaxation”.

Resting as a parent will most likely come in short bursts during the first year, possibly at every two hour intervals.

Your partner is part of the unit you have as a parent, utilize them

Your partner can help you ensure you get alone time. Or if you are a single mom, find someone to be a “step in’ partner, this can be the child’s uncle or aunt, cousin, or whoever you trust where you can leave your child with them for at least half an hour every day.

Having an understanding that being a parent is 100% from both parents, not just the one who stays home with the child. Being a parent is not a faucet where you can turn off your parenting obligations. Helping the other parent with their parenting is also an obligation, as you are working as a unit even if separated.

Try not to lose your own identity outside of being a parent 

Be positive about what your identity is. Your character, your style, your likes/dislikes, and what you enjoy doing will not disappear. 

Acting as your normal self will be challenging because the kids take up lots of time and your direct attention. But it is something you will need to be mindful about. You do not want becoming a parent to take over “who you are’, being a parent is an added bonus.

Make sure to request help at whatever point you need it, without violating that person’s boundaries. You have your kid’s grandparents, uncles, aunties, or other caretakers.

Preferably, as your kid gets older they can invest energy with you, yet you additionally should be in the best enthusiastic shape you can be, and for that, you need time for yourself. 

Life and being a parent comes with so much stress and anxiety, you need to request help, take a full breath, and be with your kids once you feel good. There’s no blame for doing that.

Design some alone time for each parent. Let your partner deal with the kids for some time, and afterward, you can do likewise for them. The thought here is to help one another, so you should both know that no conflict ought to emerge from this. 

Even though parenthood can be extreme, it will instantly change you, how you think, what you do, and move around priorities as well. The thing that matters is that this change is something you decided to do.

Consider it to be a delightful time in your life. Although a few things will not be the equivalent, others will get you the best fulfillment on the off chance you live “be present” at the time.

what is motherhood like

Ways Parenthood changes your perspective

It’s hard to articulate how we have changed after turning into a parent/guardian. 

There are so many things to discuss how parenthood has transformed me or my perspective on life.

Things like self-care for one. Self-care becomes something of the past for many or their viewpoint of what self-care looks like or feels like changes.

Personally, for me, I used to put myself last on my “to-do” list or not even at all. The only care I did was eating, bathroom needs, and showering. These things however are only part of self-care. Self-care goes into more depth than just ensuring your basic needs are met.

  • Relaxing
  • Hobbies
  • Educational
  • Spiritual
  • Health
  • Mental

These are just some of the things that are a part of self-care. What other things would you add to the self-care list?

Become very emotional

Being in charge of another person is a major change. We have certainly built up some courage in order to tackle such a job. 

Before turning into a mother, I used to ask why mothers cry such a great amount in motion pictures. However, I am actually in a similar circumstance many times. Before kids, I rarely cried or showed much affection towards anything unless it was an animal. After kids, my emotions became heightened.

Conscious effort to not pass judgment on individuals 

I had heard this on multiple occasions. In any case, this is something I have gotten considerably more aware of in the wake of turning into a mother. I used to unconsciously pass judgment on others, especially mothers before I was a parent. 

Asa parent, these days, I try my best to not judge or too harshly. We can never realize what their circumstances are or what is driving them to do the things they do.

Changing body appearance 

Before kids, I would eat whatever and whenever. Going from 75lbs at the age of nineteen years old to nearly 189lbs by the time I was twenty-five years old at one point in my life was extremely hard on me and my body.

I also went from eating 3 to 4 small meals to grazing throughout the day.

I was not taking care of me, instead I was taking care of everyone else while my health was declining. Self care was not even an option in my mindset.

Once I saw that scale at 189, I broke down. It was my rock bottom to bring back my athletic mindset that I once lived by before. I am not telling you to go extreme or become an athlete, but making sure your whole body is healthy should be a non negotiable for you.

Sharpening your new abilities

After having a child you learn pretty quickly how to do things a little faster and you learn more about multitasking. Self-care is also a learned ability, not just being mindful about it. But actually being present in your self-care.

Sharpening your abilities as a parent comes with time so you do not really notice until one day while thinking about your past days, you come to realize just how much you have grown as a person and how you have gained new abilities.

Embrace your capabilities and use them in various situations, not just parenting.

Experiencing life as a parent compared to before kids 

My life’s experiences changed as I got further into my parenting journey. I had my oldest at the age of 18.5 years old. So I was still in high school. Being a teen parent was hard, everyone would tell you what you can not do something every single day.

At first, they are right, but as you get older, the child gets older and you grow your life’s experiences, things become different.

Before kids for me was going out at any time that I wanted, eating anywhere, or whatever I wanted. I had no schedule, I barely went to school at that time.

Then my first child was born, and as a minority being told every week I was becoming part of the statistics, I became a person of ” I can not to I will do it’. I decided to go back to school and got my high school diploma, then went off into the medical field.

I spent my days as a parent either in school or at the hospital or home caring for my sick child. This was a hard transition going from doing whatever and whenever to now doing what was needed to ensure my child was taken care of.

Become a superior version of yourself

I have gotten a lot more settled, more peaceful, tolerating, and a lot more joyful than I ever was. I have found ‘another me’ who has loads of patience and abilities at varying capacities.

Over the years, I have learned more about my talents, gifts, and capabilities that I can use interchangeably as a mom or not a mom in everyday life.

You will make new friends.

Parenthood makes you gain a new set of friends. Sometimes you may lose friends after becoming a parent, that is ok!  There will be new ones that understand you more and can relate to you more.

For me, I did not lose friends but gained more. However that is not the case for many at all. Many moms become isolated.

Many times, you can make new friends just by going grocery shopping with the kids. Embrace other parents as your friend, they will become handy in many ways, you helping them as they help you.

You will create genuine mental courage. 

It’s impossible to go around it. You will figure out how to work on 3 hours of sleep. You will accommodate your very own turn of events and wants on the edges of your life.

The call of parenthood is loud and intimidating, but somehow you will be ready and mentally equipped. And threatening, yet by one way or another, you will be prepared and intellectually prepared.

Your entire world changes and significantly what your identity is, the thing you have confidence in, what you like, what you look like, and all the other stuff changes. No big surprise individuals state that being a mother resembles is like being reborn.

Motherhoods definition to me is about grit, grace, and mercy, which are very important definitions to live by for me.

What did you think parenting was or looked like before kids and how are the definition and perspective different now?