Why Join This Community

Just a few reasons why joining this parenting community is a great choice

Are you a parent looking for an outlet to rave and rant about your child and your parenting skills?

Are you looking for help, support, a shoulder to lean on and other parents who are going through the same thing you are?

Are you looking to give support and advice to parents who are stressed and struggling?

Even though I have been around children since 1993, I too still look for help, support, info, recent studies and want to become a better caregiver than I was yesterday.

Part of being a parent and child care provider is being open minded, wanting to improve our practices, continue learning new ways and improving things we already do.

  • Been there … Still there, for the last 25 years.
  • Solutions to all kinds of child related topics
  • Support – the right support, it may not be what you want to hear but it IS what you need to hear.
  • I HAVE DONE IT TOO! – I am not perfect or better than another parent.
  • Experienced parent, here to help you.

Everyday I come across frustrated parents asking questions, wondering what is next for them and so many other trials and tribulations.

I want to help those parents who suffer in silence with fear of “looking” like they can’t control a situation, even though “media” presents parenthood as this so called ‘automatic” occurrence.

Many parents stay silent in fear of asking a dumb question. I want you to ask every question you have.

Parenthood is not easy, we need to help each other.

Hello Mama’s and Papa’s! I am happy to be back to blogging about childhood and parenthood. This blog was formally known as 5 Senses Education, Our Life’s Adventures, ¬†along with a few other names beginning in 2005. I am currently updating content to ensure you get not only useful and actionable content but also accurate as well.

Yes, I have been around that long in the blogging world, life happens, I get side tracked, get lost in parenthood, you know how it is. I came into blogging originally to talk about how I was home educating my children so others can see the many facets of ways to learn. I have since then evolved, of course and currently I am happy to be helping other parents.

Why did I choose Dizzy Mama as my name, well all because of my fourth child. He is never dizzy, no matter how much turning around he does. Though, it makes me dizzy watching him. I get dizzy for us both. ha-ha, kind of just kidding.

Dizzy Mama sort of relates to us all. Life has many turns, and they turn in different directions, many times too fast for us to catch up and comprehend. I want this space to share with you things I do, answer questions and allow experts to join in to help you as well.

Marilyn, born and raised in Boston Ma. I have college education in Early Childhood growth and development. Nutrition for children birth to adults. Childhood Psychology, Psychology, general. Lead Teacher for Childcare. Medical Assistant. I continue my education by updating my knowledge through courses and workshops. I have been in child care including children with special needs since 1993.

I have five biological children with my oldest being born in 1996 and my last child born in 2015. We have two dogs, which we will also share with you too.

Thank you for reading our blog please share what you read with other parents. Write back to us in the comments, I will always reply back.

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